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I have been doing genealogy for about five years.  As most genealogists realize there is only one greater joy than the initial discovery; it is the ability to share the new information, stories and facts with others who might appreciate it.

I am sitting here on a southbound flight after an amazing weekend with the family.  Amazing in the sense that I realize just how much information I have that I want to share and how much more information I want to gather.

It has been about a year since I took a genealogy trip with my mom, sister and aunt.  Since that time, I have been pondering how to put a book together.  The project seems so immense, daunting and insurmountable.  I was reading a genealogy article about blogging.  I thought to myself, self, I can do that.  If I post some of what I have as I go; bit by bit, eventually I would have a piece of work that others could enjoy.  The added benefit of the blog is that you can post as well.  Your feedback, additional stories and questions can help drive the blog.

My committment is this, I will strive to post one time per week at a minimum.  I want to encourage the readers to add supplemental stories, etc.  This will be our family’s blog.  At this point, I do not have a plan as to what side of my family will be posted and when.  You will have to come back and see.  I was not an English major, so you will notice that right away.  I will strive for variety, informative and the mundane, as it will be through this whole body of work that hopefully something complete will be formed.

Let’s travel backwards!


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