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Thomas Irving Moss

My great-grandfather, Thomas Irving Moss was born 20 January 1877 in Buckingham County, Virginia.  I have been having a hard time going back further on this side of the family with any real certainty, so that is why I chose to write about him today.

I have his parents listed as Thomas Moss and Margaret O’Brien both whom were also from Buckingham County.

Thomas Irving married Carrie Lou Hicks in Lynchburg, Virginia on 20 August 1913.  According to the marriage certificate, Thomas was listed as widowed, but I have not been able to find proof of this or another marriage.

unknown year

unknown year

In 1918, Thomas Irving Moss signed his World War I Draft Card, this document shows that his address was 131 Choppell Street, Petersburg, Virginia.  Where he worked as a carpenter for Dupont Powder Company in Hopewell, Virginia.  If you read any history about Hopewell at this time, you will read about a big explosion that occurred a few years earlier.  So it was likely that Thomas was there to help with the reconstruction.  This company produced gun cotton during WWI.


By the 1920 census, Thomas is back living in Lynchburg with his wife and two daughters (Virginia Odelle and Lillian Scott).



2 thoughts on “Thomas Irving Moss

  1. Odelle was born in Petersburg and moved to Lunchburg when 2 years old. She said it was mentioned in the newspaper / Tom Moss was married before and I think I knew some of his kids or brothers and sister. I think he was 13 when the Civil war ended and his father was a Confederate soldier.

  2. Tom Moss was funny and always playing tricks on us. At Christmas he would tell us Santa sled was broken down on Candlers Mountain (Lynchburg( and we would beg him to go fix it so Santa could Come. He always told us to run between the rain drops so would we would not get wet and to not eat the hole in doughnuts and we would eat all around it. Ha Ha

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