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Thomas Moss

Thomas Moss was Thomas Irving Moss’s father.  He was born about 1845, presumably in Buckingham County, Virginia.  He was a confederate in the Civil War.  According to military records, he was a Private in Company E, 21 Regiment Virginia Infantry.  Muster rolls from that time show he enlisted on 20 March 1862 by Captain Mosley.  He was wounded on 19 September 1863.  One of the Muster Roll Receipts that I have located indicates he was sent to General Hospital #2, in Lynchburg, Virginia.  From what I can tell, something happened to his hands, as they are listed as “v.s. both hands” on his sick call register.  Prior to that injury he was admitted to the CSA General Hospital in Charlottesville for Erysipelas (which is some type of skin infection).

I have looked up the history of the 21st Regiment, Virginia Infantry.  Apparently Company E, went by the nickname, “Buckingham Leaches”.  Below is an example of his Muster Roll.  This was used to keep track of the troops.

Thomas Moss

Thomas Moss

(source: http://www.familysearch.org).


I do not know much more than that.  I am still researching.  It seems that Thomas had a lot of siblings.  So more will be posted later.



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