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Steven’s Family and Adam’s Family Inspirations

One of the reasons that I became interested in genealogy is because I recalled my Father owning books about genealogy.  I was thrilled to see my name in black and white as a part of something much larger than my immediate family.  The Stevens Family, John Line, was written by Claude G. Stevens (first cousin 2x removed) in 1973.  The Adams Family James Adams Line was compiled by Emma Chloe Adams Whitehead (wife of my grand-uncle, Walter Joe Whitehead) was published posthumously in 1983.  Both of these books were kept in the foyer in our home while I was growing up.  It wasn’t until much later did I realize the wealth of information and genealogical gems that lay inside.  It was seeing these books that I decided that I should do the same for the Whitehead and Sublett side.  Both books are different in there approaches.  One is more in line with a pedigree and family tree while the other is written more from in a narrative story telling fashion.  Both are remarkable.  I am going to try my best to live up to these standards.



2 thoughts on “Steven’s Family and Adam’s Family Inspirations

  1. Kathy–I found this by accident. What a treasure! I’m Martha’s daughter. Luna Mae’s Granddaughter
    Anne Moore Vaught

    • Actually it is Krista Whitehead, Larry’s Daughter. I am so glad you found me. If You don’t mind, I will contact you at your email address to reacquaint.

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