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One of the memories that I have of going to visit an ancestral home was going to Georgia.  Once was in 1971, but then later we went again.  Maybe some of my cousins can help me out.  I think it was early 70’s.  I remember going into this home thinking it was crazy because the second level was divided into a girl side and a boy side.  I remember thinking it was unusual.    But when you have 9 children, it might not seem like a bad idea.

Samuel Whitehead, my fourth great-grandfather, was born about 1760 in Person County, North Carolina. I have a Tax Index from 1798 showing that he had now moved to Hudspeth District, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

Over the years I have been collecting documents, and other primary records to assist in this genealogical journey.  One of them I was able to find the original source to was from a book called The Housing of Oglethorpe County, 1790-1860.  In this book,  to which I have one single sheet, shows a picture of the house and the story.  I am going to quote from the story here.

“The original owner of this house (the one with the unusual design), Samuel Whitehead probably had it built before 1844…The plan of this house is unusual in Oglethorpe County…. According to local tradition, and is one of the three known to have been built under the direction of Henry Pail.  It suggests an elaboration of a ‘possum trot’ or ‘dog run’ plan of North Carolina.  The second flower is divided into two sections, one side for the girls in the family, the other side for the boys.

Whitehead Homestead-Family trip to visit

Whitehead Homestead-Family trip to visit

The Housing of Oglethorpe County1790-1860

The Housing of Oglethorpe County1790-1860




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