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One of the great things we can learn about our ancestors was their employment.  What did they do for a living?  Were they in agriculture, politics or factory life?  Just for fun, I am going to list some of my ancestors and their occupation.  I believe the 1850 Census was the first time occupation was asked.

Walter Everett Whitehead, was my great-grandfather.  In the 1900 Census, he was listed as a Merchant.  Some of my family owned a general store, Stevens, Martin and Company.  Business was good, as cotton was king at that time.   Walter was also a politician.  He served as a Georgia State Senator from 1911-12, and then again 1937-38.

Peter Kersten, my great-grandfather, after arriving in the United States when he was 21, went to work at a brewery.  He is listed as working there for both the 1900, 1910, 1920 census.  However, by 1930, he is listed as an Elevator Operator for a Radio Company.  By the 1940 Census, he was 67 years old and was not working.

Peter Kersten

Peter Kersten

W. E. Whitehead Georgia State Senator

W. E. Whitehead
Georgia State Senator




2 thoughts on “Workday

  1. I enjoyed reading that. I believe that you have a picture of Walter with President Harry S Truman. Is that who your dad is named after?

    • I do have that picture. I plan to do a piece about that in the future. I think it is safe to assume that Dad was named after his grandfather as that was common back then. I have always wanted to have someone be named Obadiah! Maybe my next pet. 😄

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