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George Bland Sublett

George Bland Sublett was my 2nd great-grandfather.  He was born to William J. Sublett and Sarah Hammersley on 14 October 1847 in Nottoway, Virginia.  If you are reading this, you are probably wondering where is Nottoway.  I was too, so I had to look it up.   It is located about an hour southwest of Richmond, Virginia.   It turns out that it was initially inhabited by the Nadawa Indian tribe.  The name was later changed to Nottoway (source:  http://www.nottoway.org/history.shtml).

According to the 1850 Census, George lived with his parents and siblings, Matthew, James and Melinda in Dinwiddie, Virginia.  This is about 35 miles due east of Nottoway.  By the 1860 Census, the family moved again.  They are now living in Campbell County.  This is about 103 miles northwest.  George’s father is listed as owning property valued at $975 dollars.  George’s sister is still living at home, but the older boys Matthew and James are not.  George is 13 years old.

In 1861, the War between the States begins.  In 1864, George enlists in Company E, of the 11th Infantry Regiment of Virginia.  George later becomes a Prisoner of War having been captured at Five Forks on 2 April 1865.  George was subsequently released on 20 June 1865.  I am unsure how long he remained enlisted.  I haven’t been able to find any documents.

After the war, he marries Timeotheous Jane Bailey about 1867.

By 1870 the US Census comes around again.  He is 22 years old, living back home with his parents, his wife and two daughters, Ida and Emma.  There is also a young black boy named William Jones, age 10 living at the residence listed as a nurse.  I am unclear what that means.

George and Timotheus go on to have 5 more children,  William Yancey Sublett, Leila Mitt Sublett, Mattie D. Sublett, John Thomas Sublett (my great-grandfather) and Mary E. Sublett.

There is a lot more to share about George, but we will both have to wait for a later time.

George Bland Sublett Buried at Sharon United Methodist Church, Naruna, Virginia

George Bland Sublett
Buried at Sharon United Methodist Church, Naruna, Virginia

I will have to remember to tell you about this headstone.

Until later, I will be exploring backwards!




7 thoughts on “George Bland Sublett

  1. This last name is so familiar to me, as if I’ve researched it before, but I can’t find it in my tree. I’ll be interested to hear more about this line and maybe remember where I have seen it before!

  2. Greetings… I just came upon your blog today. I was in Hat Creek this afternoon… as my father (Carroll Sublette) started walking me around some of the hangouts of his youth. We had been estranged for 20 years, but have recently reconciled, and he is doing his best to share with me his stories. Just today, I visited the grave site of William Yancy Sublett (my great-grandfather), and I became aware that George Bland Sublett was my great-great grandfather. I currently live in Lynchburg. Thanks so much for sharing your stories.

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  4. My son is Ryan Michael Sublet (Michael Anthony Sublet, Bobby Joe Sublet, George Bland Sublet, William Yancey Sublett, George Bland Sublett, William Sublett, Matthew Sublett, Benjamin Soblet, Pierre Soblet, Abraham Soblet, Jean Soblet, Elie Soblet).

    According to http://chockfulla.info/about/Sublett/family/tree-Pierre11.htm#231-28-7667, Ryan’s 3rd great-grandfather, George Bland Sublett was born in 1847. His mother was Sarah Hamersley, not Frances Jennings.

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