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Friday Funny

Fred Augustus Whitehead was my paternal grandfather.  He was born 10 May 1901 in Madison County, Georgia.  This post isn’t about his biography.  We will do that another day.

It was my understanding that Fred was gregarious.  I am not sure where this photograph was taken.  It doesn’t look like Chicago.  So, I would suspect it came from Georgia.  I can only imagine the scene.  He is in his undershirt, his pants are pulled up to look like shorts and he appears to be smoking a cigar.  It is interesting that there are so few pictures from this time period and I have this one with him acting silly.


Fred Whitehead

Fred Whitehead

I also have a picture of him dressed up in authentic Mexican garb but this time his wife, Margaret, dressed up as well.  I am not sure where these took place.  But, it makes me happy to see pictures of people having fun.  A lot of the old black and white pictures showed very serious faces and poses.

Fred Whitehead

Fred Whitehead

Margaret Kersten Whitehead

Margaret Kersten Whitehead

Many people have said that I am gregarious as well.  I have never met a stranger is what they say.  In fact, I met who would become my best friend on an airplane.

I wonder what other traits we get from our parents and grand-parents.  Some we might not even know.

Until later, I will be exploring backwards!

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