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The Huguenots

One of the first fascinating fact that I learned on my genealogy adventures was the fact that on my mother’s paternal side, Sublett, they were descendents of the French Huguenots.  I didn’t know exactly what that meant until I did some research on the subject.  Apparently, like the other early settlers, the French Huguenots emigrated to the United States as a way to escape religious persecution.

“French Huguenots, having fled religious persecution, had lived in England and Ireland and done military services for King William. They were granted lands in the New World for a permanent home where they had the freedom to worship as they pleased”  (Huguenot Society, 2013).  These individuals followed the teachings of John Calvin a leader in the Protestant Reformation.

One of those individuals was Abraham Soblet (later Sublett).  He is the first of my family to arrive in the New World.  He arrived on the ship Mary and Ann, with his sons Abraham (Jr.) and Jacques on 12 August 1700.  Abraham’s wife, Suzanne Briant Soblet and his other children arrived the next month (Allen, 1986).

Let’s think about that for a second.  That was 313 years ago.  It takes a minute to wrap your head around that.  The good thing about having a notable family like the Soblet’s is that there is a lot of documentation on them.

Abraham Soblet was my 7th great-grandfather.  He was 51 years old when he arrived on our shores.  You have to wonder what kind of man he was that was willing to bring his family to a New World to fight for something he believed in, religious freedom.  Abraham was elected to the Vestry (essential a church council member) of the new parish.  He later became a churchwarden (Sublett, 2013).

Over the next 300 years the name Soblet would become anglicized to Sublett, Sublette and Sublet.  The descendents of Abraham would also migrate from Virginia to various parts of the United States including Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, Missouri and Illinois.

I do not have any pictures really from this time period.  I do have a picture of the Huguenot Memorial that was erected in Powhatan County, Virginia.

Huguenot Memorial in Powhatan County Virginia.

Huguenot Memorial in Powhatan County Virginia.

I will discuss later some of the other famous Sublett’s as we explore backwards.



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