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Veteran’s Day

With Veteran’s Day coming upon us, I wanted to reflect on my brave family members that fought for this great country whether they saw combat or not.  My father’s line goes at least 4 generations

Lawrence Walter Whitehead, US Marines (Korean War); Fred Augustus Whitehead, US Army (WWII), Walter Everett Whitehead, US Army (WWI), and George Wiley Whitehead, Georgia (Civil War).

I have always told people, my father was lucky that he did not have to fight in a war that he was able to get in, get out, get his GI Bill, and go to college.  Well, that is still mostly true.  He recently told me though that he is considered a Veteran of a Foreign War because during the final days of the Korean War, when it was all about over, there was some type of delay with peace treaties.  His squad was activated and they boarded a Naval Ship and were deployed.  However, an armistice agreement was signed, and his ship returned.

My grandfather, Fred Augustus and his brothers, Walter Joe and George Stevens were all in the military.  Fred was fortunate because by the time he entered the service, WWII was ending.  It was practically a requirement from what I understand as their father, my great-grandfather Walter Everett Whitehead was a true Patriot.  He even tried to re-enlist for the Second World War, but they told him he was too old.  During his enlistment, he rose to the rank of Major.  According to Vivian Whitehead,

“Papa was a very patriotic man.  In WWI (1918) he enlisted and eventually

became a part of the Calvary unit.  He continued in the reserves and was

designated as a major.  In WWII he tried to enlist again and was refused

due to his age.  He served on the Madison County draft board and after

the war he was the person selected by the state of Georgia to be honored

by President Truman (1947).”


George Wiley Whitehead, fought with the following Units in the Civil War

Georgia in 1st Regiment, Company E, Georgia Partisan Rangers,

13th Georgia Calvary, Company E.

16th Battalion Georgia Calvary, Company H.

You can learn a bit more about the civil war if you do an internet search about “Partisan Rangers”



George Wiley Whitehead was wounded in one of the battles of the Civil War.  He was wounded on 17 September 1864 when he was shot on the top of the head with a bullet of some sort.  Go back to my previous post about his amazing love story that followed.


Lawrence Walter Whitehead, USMC

Lawrence Walter Whitehead, USMC

Walter Everette Whitehead, US Army

Walter Everett Whitehead, US Army

Fred Augustus Whitehead, US Army

Fred Augustus Whitehead, US Army

George Wiley Whitehead Civil War Veteran

George Wiley Whitehead
Civil War Veteran



3 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day

  1. wasn’t daddy…Fred…world warI…..or am I confused. Love your exploring notes…great history of family vets.

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  2. Love that! Especially love that you included the pictures to put faces to the names. Although I do know that face of Larry Whitehead! Ha.

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