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Blog Anniversary

It has almost been a year since I started blogging (5/30/13). I wish I could write more often but life gets busy sometimes.  I also knew we would find some cobwebs along the way.  My goal is to learn from these cobwebs.

I am so glad so many of you have joined me on this journey.  Your comments and insights have helped tremendously.  Please continue to stay involved.   Also, feel free to ask questions, I might have the information, but if I don’t I would be happy to find out.

I have met new family connections by blogging.   First, I received an email from a woman whose family history is attached to mine via slavery.  It is still shocking to write, but, as a historian, I have to acknowledge it.  She wrote that her family history traces back to the Whitehead family as being the owners of her ancestors.  It is really hard to wrap my head around it.  Unfortunately that is all I know.  She and I have not remained in contact.  She did say that our family did not have an overseer.  I plan on sending this post to her, in the hopes of reconnecting and learning about this cobweb.

My other familial connect came by way of my first cousin-once removed, (Anita) she found my blog by looking for another website about our ancestral homestead in Oglethorpe County.  Since then we have exchanged numerous emails and I feel like I have gotten to know her better.

My goals for the next year are simple; continue to blog as often as I can; encourage family participation and continue to explore backwards.


3 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary

  1. It is hard to think about our Ancestors as slave owners, but I guess that is the way it was. In the forties when we would travel to Georgia every other year, there were black Americans working for PAPA. One of the women who cooked was Georgia by name. She was almost considered part of the family. Down the road from the house lived black families who worked for papa. At night we could hear them sing their spirituals.

    they all called papa mr. Walter. I always had the feeling he was very good to them in a paternalistic way, that just seemed good to them. The times are so different now! If you want to get a real feel of what the relationships were, Betty Sweeny could tell you lots.

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