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The trip that almost wasn’t…


I was going through pictures recently and came across a couple of photos from 1981. This brings back a very distinct memory for me. I was in my thirteenth year and my younger brother Joe was not quite 10. That summer my sister had just finished her junior year and Dave, my older brother had just finished his freshman year. Mom, Joe and I were to take a trip to see mom’s parents in Lynchburg, Virginia. The older siblings were going to stay at home. I think we got the tickets via a frequent flier program of some sort. I think it was the first airplane trip for Joe and me.

A day before we were to go on this trip, I was riding my bicycle around the neighborhood without tennis shoes. Rather I was wearing flip-flops. I am not sure how it went, but I ended up flipping over my handle bars and onto the street. A neighbor teenager went and got my mother, somehow another neighbor, a part-time nurse came out and together they made the decision that due to the amount of blood on the street that I should be taken to the emergency room. This story would just be a regular childhood story, had it not been for the doctor’s recommendation that I should not fly for 24 or 48 hours. This in turn was not okay with my mom. I remember going past her bedroom and over hearing her crying to someone on the phone, it could have been her mother, that she was not going to be able to come as planned. I am not sure if we lost our money or how the story went, hopefully my mother can fill in the blanks. I do remember feeling like such a heel. These pictures bring back that feeling. I know we went and probably had a great time. But, I am not sure at what cost. The cost to my childhood was great though, because it was a clear time in my childhood that I remember having a negative impact and causing her such pain.

As I continue to explore backwards I have to remember that there are good feel-good stories in our past as well as stories that stir up negative emotions. Both types have a valid place in our history.


Krista, Betty, and Joe leaving for Lynchburg

Krista, Betty, and Joe leaving for Lynchburg

At the airport

At the airport


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