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A sister

Our roots say we are sisters, our hearts say we are friends. ~Unknown

I have been thinking about the special relationship that sisters have with one another. I have a very special one with my sister. It is interesting since we are 5 years apart; we did not spend a great deal of time with each other growing up. I would have to say grammar school was the only time we were in the same school together. I do not actually recall that, but I think it is true. We just did not have the same circle growing up. I was closer in age to both my older brother (3 years) and my younger brother (3 years). However, brothers are different. I will explore that another day.


The first time I truly remember my sister becoming my friend is when we went clothes shopping. When I went off to college, my sister was planning her wedding. I was to be the bride’s maid. I would come home on some of the weekends to partake in certain wedding rituals and we became closer. She was married and moved to Chicago. She would send me care packages. I went to visit her in Chicago we would become closer. She had children, and I became an Aunt, we became closer still. To this day, I would have to say that aside from my partner in life, my sister is my best friend. I can call her, text her, send her goofy pictures and she “gets me.” She does the same. I feel sorry for people who do not have that special relationship with their sibling.

Sisters are true blessings. They can be our friends, confidants, nemesis, and a host of other adjectives. I am fortunate that all of my adjectives are positive. There are families that are not as fortunate.

Kathy and I (Christmas 1970)

Kathy and I (Christmas 1970)


I have seen great quotes about a sisters bond. I put a few here to paint that picture.

“I smile because you are my sister, I laugh because you can’t do anything about it.’

“In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.”

“Side by side, or miles apart… we are sisters, connected by the heart.”

“Life made us sisters, love made us friends.”

“A sister shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.”


My mom has an older sister, Carol. They are exactly two years apart. I mean it. Mom was born on Carol’s 2nd birthday. I am sure that was a stinker to little Carol, having to share her birthday with this new baby. I have heard some good stories about the two of them over the years.

Carol and Betty 1955

Carol and Betty 1955

One of my favorites was the imaginary line they would have on the bed they shared. Or the fact that they would snicker over who would be the last one to say “good night.” Carol told me in an email that she liked playing dolls more than Betty. My mom was into cowboys and Indians.

1-Mom and Carol 3

Betty and Carol 2012

My grandmother had sisters too. We will explore those another day.

On my father’s side, he had two sisters, Vivian and Annette. I know they have a special bond as well. In fact, once when Viv went to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky for missionary work, she gave me a portrait of Mary Cassatt’s 1884 painting of Children on the Beach for safe keeping. Annette got upset because this portrait represented their relationship as sisters. I gave the portrait back to Viv. I think she was forgiven.

Mary Cassatt  1884

Mary Cassatt 1884

Annette and Vivian

Annette and Vivian

Annette and Vivian 2014

Annette and Vivian 2014

So, if you are reading this and you have a special bond with your sister, give them a call, write them a note. Let them know what they mean to you. Kathy, I know you will read this. Thank you for being the great sister that you are. I wouldn’t choose anyone else, even if I could!










One thought on “A sister

  1. Oh my gosh!! I love this entry — and not just because it has ME in it! There is truly something special about sisters. And when they become best of friends, it is a blessing.

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