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Genealogy Do Over

Happy New Year!

This year one of the Genealogists that I follow and learn from Thomas MacEntee is leading the charge for genealogists and family historians to take a step back from their research and do a “Do Over.” I am still pretty new at this. Or at least I keep saying this because some of the researchers out there have been doing it for decades. I usually do not write “how to” posts on my blog, because I am not in a position to teach. However, I wanted my readers to know that things might look a little different or I might revisit some ancestors during the next several weeks, or I might not post much at all. It is too soon to tell.

This week we are supposed to do a self interview. I will not post the results as it could lead to identity theft. Suffice it to say, I am missing data in my own nuclear family. So, I might be reaching out to some of you to provide some dates that I kind of know, but are not concrete. Please do not be offended, as I just want to get it right.

I am also supposed to be conducting family interviews. Well, with my work schedule and all, I will likely not be able to keep up on each weekly goal, mine might be a few weeks each.

But, regardless if you see me online or not, know that I am still exploring backwards.

The drinking fountains were so much fun!

The drinking fountains were so much fun!

Some questions I am going to reflect on include, How did I become interested in genealogy? When? What else would you like to ask me?



2 thoughts on “Genealogy Do Over

  1. I am trying to find information on John Smith sublet, son of John smith sublet and Celia Huff Sublett, nephew of Col Phillip Allen Sublett Sr. and Henry William Sublett. He was buried in Murphys, Ca. in 1896. Any information regarding him will be appreciated. Thanks, jo

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