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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

I am going to Georgia on a genealogical journey!  I am going to be ‘exploring backwards’ in the exact same places of some of my oldest ancestors. I am going to meet some extended family along the way.

Why do genealogists like to go on these adventures? Well, unbelievably, not everything is on the internet. You have to get out from behind the monitor sometimes to see what all there is to explore.

I have written on this blog before about some of the places I would like to explore, homesteads, churches, and cemeteries, etc.

Two family homes in Oglethorpe and Madison County come to mind. My recent connection with Sara (my second cousin) has me more curious than ever. Her and her brother, James, own the two family homes that I have been interested in revisiting.

Sara wrote in her last email that the Carlton house was built around 1919-1920. Luna May died on 16 July 1921. “The house was designed by her around her…Papa never finished the upstairs.”

I did know that the house was designed with her (Luna May) in mind due to the debilitating arthritis she had. I also knew that I had stayed at the house when we went to visit in the early 1980’s. But, I didn’t know that the upstairs had not been finished. As a child, we do not look at those things. I remember it being the biggest house I had ever been inside. It was so grand and stately.

Walter and Luna May

Walter and Luna May Whitehead

There seems to be some confusion as to the original Whitehead owner of the Whitehead Homeplace and when exactly it was built. According to the book that I used previously the original owner was Samuel Whitehead (Rogers, 1971). I just assumed since it was directly in my family tree that it made sense that it was Samuel Whitehead (1760-1844). But it could have been Joel’s son Samuel (1821-unknown). However, on my copy of the book, there is a handwritten note by Martha W. Moore that states it was built by George Wiley Whitehead. This makes more sense to me as this was Walter’s father.

Whitehead Homeplace (Rodgers, 1971, p69)

Whitehead Homeplace (Rodgers, 1971, p69)

There are some deed books and marriage books in the local court houses that are calling on me. I would like to figure out once and for all who was the original owner of this homestead.




Source: The Housing of Oglethorpe County, Georgia 1790-1860, Ava D. Rodgers,
Publisher: Florida State University Press, Tallahassee, 1971
St. Petersburg Printing Company, St Petersburg FL
Page 69





4 thoughts on “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

  1. Lots of good questions – and info – about the Whitehead homes! And you will also get to see the Stevens family home in which Luna May Stevens Whitehead was reared, along with her plethora of brothers and sisters, and those grandchildren that Marse Gus took in! Miss Kitty is looking forward to seeing you. And she and I actually SAW the cane syrup mill, and the pits for hawg killin’, and the GOLF COURSE. And the blacksmith shop(s), of course. Many of these buildings have had to be demolished for deterioration and for tax purposes – but you will be able to walk in those pathways! XOXOXO MLS

    P.S. I told Miss Kitty that you might enjoy some of those old photos in the wicker basket, and she immediately responded, “Oh, no, she wouldn’t be interested in THOSE because most of those people are the ones who moved up North.” “Well, Mom, um, THOSE are her people!” (And git you some poundcake, girl!)

  2. Krista,   I don’t know when the upstairs was finished but I do know it was completed prior to 1950.  From my earliest memories the upstairs of that house was complete.  I wandered those rooms hundreds of times in my earliest years.  All were complete and furnished.  I can tell you exactly what each room looked like.  The master bedroom was on the ground floor off of the den.  It was my understanding this was due to Great Grandmother Luna Mae’s disabillity.  There was a door that lead to the porch from that room.  A second kitchen was added for my Grandmother Cloe when Betty and Jim sweeny moved back to Carlton after Jim retired.You would not believe the foundaton and the timbers used to build that house.  Every room in the house has it’s own room in the crawl space underneath, e.g. every interior wall has a full foundation wall underneath it.  I know because I crawled through every one of these through the small access holes in every one of those foundation walls.   Betty and Jim closed off the stairwell with a wall and door when they put in central heat and air.  Otherwise the house is pretty much original.  It is a beautiful mansion for Carlton, Georgia.   Sara and I have had some research discussions for you regarding the “Home Place” in Oglethorpe County.  I am really looking forward to your visit and will volunteer to give you the Cemetary tour.  I can go back to Joel, but don’t have any idea where his father and grandfather, the Samuels, are burried.    See you in May.  I attached a picture so you could put the face with the name.  I alreay know what you look like from the web page.   Charlie

    • Charlie, I was so glad to trip across your post on Krista’s blog!! I have had Sue on my mind a lot of late after a memory of Cindy crossed my thoughts. I hope you are both doing well. Please tell her and Joe I said hello. Sorry to step on your blog for this, Krista. I just couldn’t resist.

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