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Easter Time

There was about 400 miles between where we lived and where my Nordmark cousins lived. It was at Easter time that our two families got together. My Dad’s sister, Annette married a great guy, Don and together they had 5 children. Combine that with my family of 4 children, you had a full house come Easter weekend.

I believe we alternated years. One year the Whitehead’s would load up in the station wagon and make the trek to a northern Chicago suburb. The next year, the Nordmark’s would come down to a Cleveland suburb. I recall them having a van. Our parents must have done this because they realized how important family is to the development of children. Why else would they torture themselves for that trek? If you recall this was before video games, etc. So, I am not even sure what we did to keep ourselves occupied for 5 or 6 hours.  Do you?

Whitehead-Nordmark Family

Whitehead-Nordmark Family

Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Whitehead-Nordmark Easter

Whitehead-Nordmark Easter

I think it is important to have interactions with your cousins. We share a similar family history. They are usually our first friends as children. They are the only ones to understand your crazy family. We each had a least one or two cousins that were of similar age. Jeff, the oldest, didn’t have anyone close to his age, and Joe(y) didn’t have one close to his age, but otherwise we had instant friends all weekend.

In our family, everyone remembers the famous Easter outfit that cousin Aimee wore one year. She was a box of Sun-Maid Raisins from head to toe. Otherwise known as the Sun-Maid girl, I have looked for the picture with her in full attire but I cannot find one, so below is the only one that I have. Maybe one of my cousins will share with me.

Joe, Krista and Aimee

Joe, Krista and Aimee


So Happy Easter family, if you recall other Easter memories, please feel free to comment here. Until later, I will continue to be exploring backwards.








3 thoughts on “Easter Time

  1. what a great walk down memory lane. I was so blessed to always be part of those EASTER reunions. Very often after the meal when the mothers were ready for some Tylenol I would take the little ones for a car ride…just to quiet things down. we would start out singing….but very soon it got extremely quiet…lots of little kids sound asleep in the car. Viv

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  2. Great tales, as usual!

    My mom, Eleanor Mitchell Stevens, aka Miss Kitty, was from Daytona Beach, Florida, and she married Joe Augustus Stevens Jr., who was from Oglethorpe County in NE Georgia. They generally took the three stairstep children to Daytona to spend a large part of summer vacation. We had comic books, crayons and coloring books, and little “car games” like picture bingo. And we had “children’s” card games like Authors and Crazy Eights, and “real” playing cards for poker, blackjack, and samba (a type of canasta). We had a Mercury station wagon, and Joe Jr. would fold the back seat down so that we were riding on a corrugated metal floor, covered with a couple of quilts for “comfort”. It made a very usable, very SMALL playroom.

    Years later, when I was travelling 300 nights a year for work, my parents asked me how I could “stand” sleeping in hotels all the time. “Oh, Mom,” I replied, “If I could sleep on corrugated metal in the back of a Mercury station wagon, I can CERTAINLY sleep on the deluxe bedding in the penthouse suite at the oceanfront Marriott.” LOL

    Take care, and keep ‘em coming,


    NB: My brothers and I were born in January 1953, March 1954, and February 1956.

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