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Georgia on my mind

I recently went to Georgia to go through the home of my ancestor, Walter E. Whitehead. When you think that this house has been in continuous family ownership and operation since it was built around 1920.

Carlton Home

Carlton Home

That means for nearly 100 years, someone in my family has lived there. That also means almost a 100 years’ worth of papers, pictures, antiques, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it is not full to the brim of just stuff (like an episode of Hoarders), the place is more museum like. It has been well-loved and well taken care of.  This brings me to my point.

While I was there, I went through two trunks and a curio cabinet. I did not even scratch the surface. But, I found my Grand Uncle’s Rhode Scholar information; I found a grammar book that was my grandfather’s when he was about 11 years old. I found a picture of my grandfather and his siblings.

I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to my cousin Sara and her daughter Christine for the colossal endeavor that is going on. If I only lived closer I would be able to help.   I plan to go down again, but needless to say, it takes an airplane and a rental car to get there, so it will be a minute.

Below are some pictures of the recent discoveries by Christine and a few that we took while we were there.  So many stories to tell.

Walter E. Whitehead

Walter E. Whitehead

Marge Walter E Mae Pellie Gus or George W Cynnie Fred

Whitehead Family

G. S. Whitehead Passport

G. S. Whitehead Passport

Papa's wall of fame

Papa’s wall of fame

Luna Mae Stevens Whitehead

Luna Mae Stevens Whitehead

Until later,

I will be exploring backwards

P.S. Things have gotten busy this summer.  I hope to post more soon.


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