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Vignettes and such

I have been busy and not able to do as much research as I would like. But, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and post a new message.


I have shared Martha Whitehead Moore’s stories before. Below is another story.

Grandpa takes us to the circus

This was in 1914 or thereabouts. Luther Harris drove Grandpa (Gus Stevens), Walter (Walter Chandler Stevens) and me to Athens to see the “then” popular circus, Barnum and Bailey.

I was frightened at seeing so many strange animals. The crowd was so thick, tall and big, I couldn’t see over the people. Luther, Bless his heart, picked me up and lifted me to straddle his neck on his shoulders in order to see what was going on. Then I felt safe and could see. Grandpa held Walter’s hand so that he would be OK. It was lots of fun – especially the monkeys.

Luther, the brother of my good friend Agnes, worked for Stevens, Huff & Co. – and boarded at Uncle Chandler’s (Walter’s father.) My father (Walter Whitehead) had worked at Stevens, Huff & Co and lived in one room in the back of the store. This was when he was about 16 or 18 and not married to Mama.

Stevens Martin [& Co.] grew out of the Sandy Cross store and there was a Stevens Whitehead in Comer (Uncle George [Whitehead]).

We were probably the first chain store in existence.


The reason why these little vignettes are so important is that they provide an insight into the lives of our ancestors. We all have stories and memories. However, something inside of us thinks that our memories are not worth writing down, not worth sharing. I beg to differ. I am grateful for Martha’s stories.  She shares funny times and frightening times, but each time we learn a little bit more about her and her family.  Here is one of mine.

When I was a young girl, my father used to take the four of us to see the Cleveland Indian’s play baseball at Municipal Stadium. It was also called Lakefront Stadium due to its proximity to Lake Erie. I remember several occasions going to the stadium for Bat Day or Ball Day. If there was a promotional day going on, we were there.

On one occasion, Dad, Kathy, David, Joey and I went to the lakefront prior to the game for a pregame lunch. I cannot recall if my mother packed us a picnic or if Dad bought us hot dogs. But I do remember a local news crew filming at the same location. I think we got o the news, but I am not sure if my memory serves me correctly? I will let my siblings chime in!

Chief Wahoo

Chief Wahoo at Municipal Stadium

Not sure where, but age is about right.

Not sure where, but age is about right.

What are some of your favorite vignettes?



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