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Martha’s Place

Martha Ann Whitehead Moore

During our Genealogical Visit to Georgia in May 2015, Cousin Sara and Charlie took us to go see Martha’s Place.  It is no longer owned by the family, but it was such a stately old home.  We enjoyed our visit there, imagining it in its peak.  I imagined the beautiful wrap around porch with a few rocking chairs, a hanging swing.  I could definitely drink some ice tea out there.

Martha was the fourth and last child born to Walter Everett Whitehead and Luna May Stevens.  Born on September 14, 1904 in Madison County.  According to the family history book compiled by Chloe Whitehead, May was bedridden after Martha’s birth.  May had terrible rheumatoid arthritis.  As a result, she went to live with her maiden aunts, Pellie and Cynnie Stevens and her grandfather, Gus (Whitehead: 1983).

I wonder how hard that must have been to have your mother alive, but you have to stay with your Aunts and Grandfather.  Also, how hard it is to be parents and to know that you cannot physically meet the demands of your child.  Nevertheless, it built a very strong bond in the Whitehead and Stevens families that existed for many years to come.  According to her daughter Anne, “She loved growing up with the two aunts and had many happy memories.”

Martha was educated at Shorter College, Rome Georgia.  In 1924, she became a teacher.  She taught in Oglethorpe County for almost two decades.   She also was chosen the Star Teacher of Oglethorpe County for 10 of 11 successive years (Stevens, 1973).  Her daughter, Anne, recently told me.

“Mama graduated from Shorter College in Rome Georgia in 1924.  She was 20.   She taught in Jefferson, GA, Marion, VA, Elberton, GA and Oglethorpe County GA (that last one was 1954-1969; I was there!)  During WW2 she was in Miami working for the government.”

She married William Austin Moore on 26 December 1946 and her first and only daughter Anne the next year.  Her husband was a Major League Baseball player having pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers and a couple of other organizations.

I think it is her genes that finally started allowing our Whitehead’s to grow older.  She outlived all her siblings.  She passed away September 21, 2001 at the age of 97.


Martha was also a story-teller.  I am so glad to be in possession of an electronic version of “Family Stories.”  Martha wrote down stories that had been told to her.  She saved them so that her grandchildren, Julie and Karen could understand the family history.  I will continue to share those, and they are a treasure in and of themselves.

Below are some pictures we took during our tour.

Martha Whitehead Moore Home

Martha Whitehead Moore Home

long side of porch

long side of porch

side of home

side of home

Charlie giving us the history of the home

Charlie giving us the history of the home


Whitehead, Emma Chloe Adams, The Adams Family, James Adams Line (1785-1982), 1983.

Stevens, Claude, The Stevens Family, John Stevens Line, 1973.

Vaught, Anne, Email correspondance, May 1, 2016.




3 thoughts on “Martha’s Place

  1. Could you attach an e-copy of the stories to an email.I don’t think I have them.Nice picture of me saying something that looks like a history lesson but there were more experts than I in that crowd.  However I am never without a story.  Whitehead blood!  🙂

  2. My name is Debbie Whitehead Brice. I am researching our family tree and have found out some interesting facts and pieces that have been missing. Unfortunately many of our family members have passed. My uncle who is a son of Caleb Whitehead and grand-child Johnnie Franklin Whitehead has recently shared that he remembers a brother of Johnnie Franklin named Fred who came down to Lakeland Florida for a short period after Johnnie and his wife Kate Palina Yarbrough Whitehead moved to this area where he bought land and several boarding houses and a grocery stand. His recollection was that Fred came here also to start a grocery store, but didn’t like it here, so he moved back to Georgia. We don’t have very many facts about my great grand father’s history, but the family tree we have gathered shows that his father was Robert Whitehead, Son of William Franklin Whitehead and Pamela Fannie Jones. I noted that your father’s name was Fred Whitehead. I am hoping that this might be the same Fred Whitehead that was his brother, which means that Robert would have been his father. Do you have any information in your research regarding Johnnie Franklin Whitehead born Jan 30, 1887? If so, do you know if there were any other siblings and/or who Robert was married to. I haven’t been able to find anything on Robert Whitehead other than I know he was one of 7 children to William Franklin Whitehead and Pamela Fannie Jones. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am really trying to recapture our roots for our future children and for my only living uncle who would have been Robert’s Great Great Grandson.

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