Distractions and Detours

It is by the formality of marriage that two families are joined.  It is here that I tend to get distracted the most in my genealogy research.  I find someone’s spouse, then I want to learn all about that new family.  This is how I lose myself in the “vortex of genealogy.”

I have had less success researching my mother’s maternal grandfather’s family.  Thomas Irving Moss (my great-grandfather) was born in 1877.  I have said before that his father was Thomas Moss (my second great-grandfather).  His wife was Margaret O’Brien.

We know this because of Thomas Irving Moss and Carrie Lou Hick’s marriage certificate.  But who was Margaret O’Brien.  I found Margaret and her family in the 1860 Census.  She is the daughter of William O’Brien and Sarah “Sally” Loyd.  William O’Brien was Ireland.  But she is not living with the family in 1870.  She could have been living with another family as a domestic servant, she could have been married by then, and not living in Buckingham (as I cannot find Thomas Moss in 1870 either).  But that is really all I have right now.  I know more about her brother’s because they become heads of households on census records.

Virginia did not begin keeping marriage records until 1912.  So, I cannot find the answer there.  I will have to scour other sources to build upon what I know about Margaret.  Also, I have run into problems with the last name.  Some documents have her listed as O’Brien, O’Brian, and O’Bryant.  I do not even know where she was buried.

So you can see it is often frustrating to explore backwards.  Patience and creativity will prevail.  I will have to let you know when.

Until later, I will be exploring backwards.