Clouds Creek Baptist Church

Church records are an interesting genealogy source. I have not done extensive research on them, but I have found one that pertains to my family. Clouds Creek Baptist Church is a church located in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. This church was a big part of my family history. Kerenhappuch “Happy” Hendon Olive (my 5th great-grandmother) was a charter member. You can learn more about the church here:

The document that I am referring to is a list of those that between November 1826 and July 1840 were dismissed/died, or were excommunicated (

Information received by Carolyn Molder (Whitehead decedent).

I can only wonder what some of the reasons why an individual would be excommunicated. I do know that some individuals would be dismissed if they were leaving, so they could take this document to a new congregation if they moved. Here are some of my relatives that made this list:

Samuel Whitehead Excommunicated Page 116

James O’Kelly Dismissed by letter Apr 12, 1828

Thomas O’Kelly Excommunicated Nov 16, 1838

Elizabeth Hendon Dismissed Nov 8, 1834

Polly Stamps Died Mar 18,1832 Age 39 yr 2 mo 11 days

Elijah Whitehead By Ex dismissed by letter Sep 16 1828

Joel Whitehead By Ex Excommunicated page 103, Jul 11 1829

There is a story within each of these records, and unfortunately, most of them will be lost forever. This is one of the reasons why I do what I do. I want to preserve my family’s history so others can enjoy it.

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The picture of clouds creek was retrieved from their website today.

Clouds Creek Baptist Church

Clouds Creek Baptist Church