Remembering Lacy

My grandfather (Lacy Luke Sublett) passed away 30 years ago this month.  I was 14 years old when he passed.  His funeral was the first one I ever attended.  I am looking at his funeral card that they gave out that day.  His pallbearers were: Larry Burrus, Joe Cobbs, Bill Driskill, David Foster, Robert Wayne Hicks, Raymond Mayberry and Buddy Scott.  Some of those names are familiar to me as they are family names.  Some names are unfamiliar.  I wonder how Lacy knew them.

Lacy Luke Sublett was born on 18 May 1909 in Campbell County, Virginia.  Lacy was the 3rd child of 5 children born to John Thomas Sublett and Georgia Kate Holt.  He was also the only male.

Some of my memories of Grandpa include him wiggling his ears.  He would always ask me if I could wiggle my ears.  Try as I might, I could never do it.

Grandpa would always ask me “Do I know you?”, when I replied, that I was his grand-daughter, he would shake his head and pretend he never met me before.

If you know me, you know I was never a cheerleader.  Somehow Grandpa could always get me to do that one cheer.  “Firecracker, Firecracker, boom, boom, boom.  Boys got the muscles, teachers got the brains, girls have the sexy legs, so we win the game.”

My mom discussed a memory of hers when we drove to Virginia.

“I used to go with Daddy on his stores, to a bar type restaurant.  I would sit at the counter while he took an order.  He would get a beer buy me a drink  and a box of pretzels.   pretzels in a square box.  He said to me, are you going to take care of me when I get old.  I said, oh yes, I will buy you a drink and a box of pretzels.   Well, he worked so hard.  And his leg always bothered him.  And I remember, I was so mad one time.  He never did anything in our school functions, of course we didn’t have the sports like they do today.  But, I was in the senior play and I wanted him to come so badly.  It was on a Friday night, and he didn’t go, but he came in long enough to see my part.  I had like two lines, you know.  But as far as taking the time to come and see the play he never did.  He worked a lot of long hours.  He would get up and be at work at 5:30 in the morning, and sometimes he didn’t get home until 7 o’clock at night.  And with his leg he was tired.”  (Source:  Betty Whitehead interview, June 2012).

What memories do you have of Lacy?

Lacy Luke Sublett

Lacy Luke Sublett

Lacy Luke Sublett

Lacy Luke Sublett