Genealogy Do Over

Happy New Year!

This year one of the Genealogists that I follow and learn from Thomas MacEntee is leading the charge for genealogists and family historians to take a step back from their research and do a “Do Over.” I am still pretty new at this. Or at least I keep saying this because some of the researchers out there have been doing it for decades. I usually do not write “how to” posts on my blog, because I am not in a position to teach. However, I wanted my readers to know that things might look a little different or I might revisit some ancestors during the next several weeks, or I might not post much at all. It is too soon to tell.

This week we are supposed to do a self interview. I will not post the results as it could lead to identity theft. Suffice it to say, I am missing data in my own nuclear family. So, I might be reaching out to some of you to provide some dates that I kind of know, but are not concrete. Please do not be offended, as I just want to get it right.

I am also supposed to be conducting family interviews. Well, with my work schedule and all, I will likely not be able to keep up on each weekly goal, mine might be a few weeks each.

But, regardless if you see me online or not, know that I am still exploring backwards.

The drinking fountains were so much fun!

The drinking fountains were so much fun!

Some questions I am going to reflect on include, How did I become interested in genealogy? When? What else would you like to ask me?