What’s in a name…

The Sublett family derives from France.  They were French Hugeneots who left France as refuges in search of religious tolerance.  The name has several variations over the years including, Soblet, Sublette, Sablet…

When the Sublett’s arrived they made their home in Powhatan County, on the James River approximately 18 miles west of Richmond.  They settled where the former Monacan Indians had made their home in Manakin Town nearing  falling creek.  However, due to the harsh conditions, some left and moved westward.

The first ancestor that I can be document at this time is Jean Soblet, born about 1633, died about 1681 in Sedan, France.  His son Abraham was the first of our family to seek refuge in America.

Ship Mary and Ann-In 1700, Abraham  came over with 2 children, leaving his wife to emigrate at a later date (Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s) (Brock pg. 255). 

Susanne Soblet arrived the same year with three children on the Ship Peter and Anthony

(Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s). 

“Among those who are to receive of the miller at Falling creek one bushel of meal a head in February, 1701, are Soblet, his wife, and five children.”  (Citation-A partial History of French Huegenots by Samuel Sublett, 1896).