Mrs. J. T. Sublett

The last time I posted, I wrote about Georgia Holt Sublett. Today, I write about her again but this time it is her obituary. I have a slip of paper that equates as her obituary. It has a jagged edge and is faded with the years. However, it tells us a story, and even more facts.

Georgia Kate Holt Sublett

Georgia Kate Holt Sublett

It reads, “Mrs. Georgie Holt Sublett, 67, wife of J.T. Sublett, died at her home at Naruna Monday night at 9 o’clock. ”

I am not an expert in obituaries, but I suspect most of the current ones do not give the specific time of death. I am not sure why this one does.  Do you?

What the slip of paper cannot tell me because it has been cut away, is that Georgie died on 10 April 1950. She was only 67 years old. The obituary does not tell us the cause of death, but it does tell us that she was survived by her own mother and her husband.  I may have to send away to find out cause of death.

The obituary also gives us a look into her family, as we read that all of her daughters are married. It seems like an oversight or something as only one of the daughters is listed by name. As an amateur genealogist, I like to see the names of the siblings and their locations. This helps me in finding out more about them.

Below is a great picture of her and her mother.  My grandfather Lacy is standing there in his overalls.  I believe it is Clarice, the youngest in her arms, but I am not certain.  I do not know how old Lacy is, but he looks younger than 10, if this is true, we can safely say that this photo was taken before 1920.  I wish there wasn’t a shadow on my grandfather’s face.

Susan Holt, Georgia Sublett, Lacy and Clarice-Pete- 001

Until next time, I will keep exploring backwards.

Martha Mae Whitehead Snelling

One of my treasured pieces of genealogy is a file called “250 years with 6 generations of Whitehead’s,” that Mae compiled.  It is in her cursive, and a true treasure.  According to her sister, Mary Elizabeth “Betty”, it was her little green book.  I do not have the original but it is the information that she gathered that helped me develop the Whitehead side of my tree.  Martha Mae was my 1st cousin 1x removed.  Her parents were Walter Joe and Emma Chloe Adams.  See it is important to know that Emma Chloe Adams, was the wife of my grand Uncle (i.e. my dad’s uncle).  She compiled the 500 page genealogy of the Adam’s family.  She however passed before it was published, her daughters Martha Mae and Mary Elizabeth “Betty” fulfilled her contract.  So, as you can see genealogy was in her blood as well.

Martha Mae “Mae” was born 11 October 1925 at home in Carlton, Madison County, Georgia.  She was named after her Aunt Martha Ann Whitehead.  Mae passed away last November at the age of 87 years old.  The beauty of her life is that her mother, Chloe, preserved some of it in this book.  Chloe wrote, “Mae had a sweet little round face and long black hair which Joe thought was beautiful.  When Joe came in for lunch or at night, he stood by her bed to watch Mae in wonder for a long periods of time until she grew old enough for him to play with her on the big bed” (Whitehead, 1983, p. 296).

Mae graduated from Elberton High School in spring of 1942.  World War II was in progress.  She graduated from  Georgia State College for Women with a degree in Home Economics.  She married Henry Brock Snelling Jr., on 2 August 1949.  Mae went on to have a great career in education and counseling.

According to her obituary, Mae  was survived by her son Charles and his wife, her son Joe, two grandsons and three great-grandchildren.  Her obituary is attached.  Click on the below link.

mae whitehead snelling obituary

Until later, I will be exploring backwards.