Christmas Time 2014

It is that time of year again. Christmas time! I wrote about it last year. If you are new to the blog, check out some of my older posts. Here it is:

Between Cheryl and me, we have 10 nieces and nephews. Eighty per cent of them are boys. So, each year we set out to find out what they want. Because we are no longer spring chickens ourselves, trying to keep up with current trends for a group of teenagers (ages 13-22) is filled with some challenges. Cheryl asked her nephews what they wanted via text messages. While one responded with an itemized list, the others were vaguer. So, Cheryl threatened that if you do not give me at least some ideas, you will get just socks and underwear. Needless to say, she got some feedback. But the feedback she didn’t expect was from Grant who stated, “Actually, socks and underwear is a good idea.” Ha. You realize that they are growing up when that is their response.

Regardless, we enjoy shopping for them. Trying to find the right gift to get that heart-felt hug, you know the one that they really mean. Not the forced one that I impose. Ha-ha…it is one of the joys of being an Aunt.

So, I guess this post should have some genealogy in it to make it official.

I thought it would be a good time to pick an ancestor that had a birthday in December. While I was looking, I stumbled onto Timotheus Jane Bailey. She is my 2nd Great Grandmother. In other words, she was my great-grandfather John Thomas Sublett’s mother. Her name appears most often as Timotheus. But on her tombstone it is written Timothia.

Timotheus was born 7 December 1845. This is actually one day before my birthday. She was born to Yancey Bailey and Mary Marshall Cobbs. The family had 14-15 children. President James Polk, the 11th President of the United States had just started his presidential term. Texas becomes the 28th State.

In the 1850 Federal Census, she was living with her parents and siblings on a Farm in Campbell County, Virginia.

In the 1860 Census (Eastern District), Timotheus was 16 years old. The Bailey family was living on a farm in Campbell County. The value of real estate was listed as $2013 dollars and the Value of her father’s Personal Estate was $5580.

As you recall, the Civil War was fought from 1861-1865. Her husband to be, George Bland, was listed on the Civil War Prisoner of War Records. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Five Forks. I have discussed him in a previous blog. See

So, I am unsure how or when they met. However, according to an undocumented source, I have George and Timotheus marrying on 18 Jan 1867. I will have to find the source.

By the 1870 Census (Eastern District), Timotheus was 23 years old. She is married to George Bland Sublett living on a farm with his parents William J Sublett and Sarah, Timotheus also has 2 children, Ida (born 1868) and Emma (born 1869).

In the 1880 US Federal Census, Timotheus was keeping home raising her children. At this point she had 7 children. They are living on a farm in Falling River East (Enumeration District 41), Campbell County.

In the 1900 US Federal Census (ED 22), Timotheus and George are living with her daughter Ida and her family. My great-grandfather John Thomas is also listed as living there. This document contains vital information because it asks the persons whether they were married or not and how many years married. Timotheus and George indicate that they had been married 36 years. So, it puts their marriage date in 1864 or 1865.

Timotheus died on 9 December 1918, two days after her 73rd birthday. She is buried in Gladys, Virginia.


Timothia Jane Bailey Sublett

Timothia Jane Bailey Sublett





Tombstone Tuesday

It is definitely getting to be summer in Texas.  I think the high today was 96 degrees.  It is not an ideal time to go tramping around a graveyard.  One of the first things I learned about when I started “Exploring Backwards” was the wealth of information you can obtain from a tombstone.  I found a wonderful website that is driven by volunteers requesting people in various parts of the United States take pictures of tombstones of their loved ones.  It is called Findagrave (  It is a great tool, and I have used it several times to look up an ancestor.  I have even gone out and tried to track a few requests down.  I have definitely not done it enough, but I got my mother involved about a year ago.  I know she has done it at least a dozen times.

I have even made friends by doing this.  I put in a request for a cemetery in Amherst County, Virginia, and I met Rita and Bill that way.  I put in a request for the Matthews name in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, and met Carl.

The first tombstone pictures I took is when I went to Chicago for a genealogy field trip.  Aunt Viv and I went down to the old neighborhood, the old Church, etc.  We also went to the cemetery where her parents and grandparents are both buried.

I have included a photograph of the tombstone of Peter and Anna Kersten, my great-grandparents on my father’s side.  I remember that day well, it was about 30 degrees cooler on an October day.  That is a much better time to go graveyard stomping.  Until next time.  Krista

Peter & Anna Kersten

Peter & Anna Kersten