Traveling to the past


If you think about it “exploring backwards” day after day is akin to traveling. I am traveling back in time as I research my ancestors. I take you, the reader, along for the ride. Recently, I have spent a good portion of my time focusing on my paternal side. The reason for this concentration has been in preparation of my upcoming travels to Georgia. I want to be sure that I use this time wisely. Is there something online that I do not need to focus on? Is there something in Georgia that I can only do in Georgia? These are the questions that I have had to answer.

You see, I have gathered my Aunt, a cousin and my sister and we are going to explore the homeland. Well, it is not the original homeland of the family, it is rural Georgia. When I think of it, I think of red clay, Swamp Guinea and the old white homeplace with the separate staircase. This is the place where my family has been since my fourth great grand-father; Samuel Whitehead (1760-1844) migrated from North Carolina to Oglethorpe County about 1785-1789.

I am super excited because I will meet in person some distant cousins that have become more tangible in recent years. Over the course of my explorations, I have made contact and corresponded with them. My cousin Sara, she and her brother own some of the key pieces of family property. Miss Kitty, my distant cousin’s mother still lives in the Steven’s family home. My other second cousin Charles seems to know where everyone is buried. I will write more when I return.


Until then, I will be exploring backwards.