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Exploring backwards…so far

I have had so much fun blogging so far.  I did not really know exactly how it would all go. Here are some reflections so far:

I have a lot of information but I don’t always have enough for an entire post, so what ends up happening is that I get an idea, I see how much information I have on it, so I start writing.  I realize quickly that I need some facts to add.  I need a setting.  I need a place to drop my story into to give it context.

I enjoy adding pictures to the stories. My goal is to have one relevant picture.  Sometimes that is difficult when you are discussing some of these times.

Most importantly, I have enjoyed getting my family involved.  I look forward to each post to see what comments I get.  Sometimes they add a question or provide a clarification.  These interactions are what I like the most.  Do not be shy, on each post there is a place to reply.  If you are too shy, just send a note to my email address. 

If you like what you are reading, I would encourage you to sign up for the email postings.  This way, these posts will drop into your email box.  You can do so by adding your email to the follow this blog section on the right hand side.   It will send a note to your email address asking you to confirm that you really do what to receive these emails.

I would encourage you to post comments, questions, give suggestions also.

In one of my earlier posts, I wrote how I got started.  I have come to realize that thousands if other people are blogging their family history, there are even blogs on how to blog, and even others that give genealogy related blogging prompts.  These are idea starters.  They are meant to give the writers ideas when we can think of nothing; and we are staring at that blank page trying to get started.  There are ideas like Military Monday, Friday funeral card, and Wednesday weddings.  You get the idea.

Anyhow, I have been out-of-town on business

this week, so I am a bit behind.  I am also heading out soon on a trip of a lifetime.  We are going to Italy.  Therefore, I might miss a week or two, but hopefully you can hold on.

Continue to explore backwards with me!

Krista at Hick's Cemetery, Amherst Virginia

Krista at Hick’s Cemetery, Amherst Virginia

2 thoughts on “Exploring backwards…so far

  1. I found your site as I was doing some research. I’d be interested to talk, I live in CA but the Whitehead roots go back to the South.

    Enjoy the holiday weekend,


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