Since I have been researching my family’s history, I have learned about what their occupation was, who they married, the children they had.  One thing that I haven’t learned a whole lot about is the hobbies they kept.  A hobby, according to Oxford’s dictionary, “is an activity that is done in one’s leisure time for pleasure” (Oxford, 2014).  Obviously, genealogy is one of my hobbies.  But, I also enjoy camping and reading in my spare time.

When my Aunt Viv and I went visiting old family residences in Chicago, I learned that my great-grandfather, Peter Kersten, made his own wine and beer at home.  He worked as a Master Brewer for Keely’s Brewery, but he also did so as a hobby.  Additionally, Viv told me that he had a wonderful garden in the back.

My mother has shared with me that her grandfather, Thomas Irving Sublett also gardened.  I know that my grandfather, Lacy Luke Sublett, enjoyed fishing.  My father enjoyed painting when he was younger.  My grandmother, Virginia Odelle Moss Sublett, did not pick up a paint brush until her 70’s but she had a talent within that our family takes pride in these paintings.  They hang on the walls of our home in several different states!

I know some of my family members were part of civic organizations during their lifetime.  For example, John Thomas Sublett, was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.   My father was in the Kiwanis Organization when we were younger.

I know that we have more than our fair share of Mason’s in our family including my great, great-grandfather, George Wiley Whitehead who was captured during the Civil War, but was later exchanged when he gave the Union Soldier the “Masonic Sign.”

For all those that read this blog, tell me what hobbies you enjoy?  What hobbies can you remember from our ancestors?  What other civic organizations do you remember our ancestors being apart of?

Until next time, I will continue to explore backwards!