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Threads of our Family

My parents have been married for a long time.  Fifty years this year (2013).  In comparison to some of my friends, I was surprised how little I knew about their parents, my grandparents.  My father’s parents both died at early ages, and both before I was born.  My mother’s parents lived several states away.  As a child trips to see the grandparents were annual events not monthly.

I did not know much about my family history until I started researching my family tree.  What I discovered about our family members has created an incredible gift inside of me that I wish to share.

People often say that when you go digging up the past, you have to be careful that you might find skeletons.  I did find some skeletons, but in shaking off the dust of these secrets, we learn more about the person and the strength they had to forge ahead.

8 thoughts on “Threads of our Family

  1. I would really love to get in touch with you. I am my self-appointed family genealogist … spend hours a day… and believe we are related… my great-great grandmother was Mary Mildred Sublett, dau of Matthew Sublett & Frances Key! So funny! About 10 min. ago I happenstanced onto the aerial view of the Sublett tract photo online and immediately started searching to see if that tract had anything to do with Matthew .. and LO AND BEHOLD, I found YOU! So excited! Please contact me at esgr60@msn.com I am always more than happy to share all my research! Edleen

  2. P. S. I was born and raised in Hampton. VA .. aka “Kikotan” where our ancestor Abraham Soblet first docked on the “Mary and Anne” in 1700 before going up the James to Jamestown and on the found Monacantowne (alias Manakintowne)! Smiles! Edleen

  3. Oh! FYI!!!!!! FOUNDER’S DAY celebration this coming weekend (Dec 6th & 7th, 2013) at Manakin Episcopal Church (right outside of Richmond, on Huguenot Trail)… Saturday presentations sound really interesting. Old church will be open too! This is of course all about our very own Huguenot founders… Abraham Soblet and his sons Pierre Louis and Jacques .. They have a pew plaque in the church there so I have been told! Edleen

  4. i was looking for uncle george’s gpa at uga and stumbled on to this site. i’m mae’s boy joe. who am i talking to?

  5. Hello! Leroy is my husband’s 3rd Great Grandfather as well. Sam’s grandmother, Inez Coleman Witten was the daughter of James Coleman who was the oldest son/child of Margaret V.Hicks Coleman who is Leroy’s daughter. Have you been able to find Blansford (Blanford)’s parents?

  6. I descend from Samuel Whitehead and Susannah Sims through Nancy Whitehead and Anderson McElroy. I am searching for the church minutes that show dod for Susannah or other proof that she was the mother of Nancy. Any suggestions?? I’ve enjoyed reading your post and would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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