Carrie Lou Hicks

Carrie Lou Hicks was my great-grandmother.  According to her birth certificate, her name was listed as Caroline Hicks, but nobody seems to recall that name.  She was born to Lemuel Dabney Hicks and Emma Frances Heath either 21 March 1888 or 4 April 1888.  Her birth certificate states the later.   Carrie was the 5th of twelve children born to Lemuel and Emma.  The 1900 Census has the family living in the Pedler District in Amherst County, Virginia.  Lemuel is renting the land that they farm.

According to the 1910 Census, the family has moved off the farm and is now residing in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Her father, Lemuel is now working as a Watchman at a Factory.  Carrie, now 22 years old, works with her sisters Allie and Elizabeth as Stitchers at a shoe Factory.

According to the certificate of marriage, Carrie marries Thomas Irving Moss on 30 August, 1913.

The 1920 Census has Carrie and Thomas living in Lynchburg, at 2017 Main Street.  Thomas is listed as working in construction at a Foundry.  “Odelle” (my grandmother) is listed here as 3 years old.  Lillian is also listed as slightly over 1 years old.

Normally one would conclude that the family stayed put, but since my grandmother, Virginia Odelle, was born in Petersburg, Virginia as well as her sister Lillian Scott (1918).  We do know that the family did in fact leave Lynchburg sometime after 1913, but returned prior to the 1920’s census.

Virginia Odelle Moss was born 3 October 1916.  According to the birth certificate, Carrie had 2 children that passed away prior to Odelle being born (Thomas Moss and Frances Odessa Moss).
Carrie Lou had Thomas Warren Moss and Margaret Elizabeth Moss in Lynchburg.

Carrie and Thomas are living at 1715 Main Street at the time of the 1930 census.  Thomas is unemployed.  Also living in the home is Odelle, Lillian, Thomas, Margaret and Carrie’s mother Emma Hicks.

Carrie Lou

Carrie Lou